Become a partner and help improve geoscience education in Australia

National Focus, Regional Delivery
TESEP cannot function without funding from businesses and other organisations. Partners recognise that TESEP can and does make a difference to the teaching of Earth Science in our schools. Partners are willing to fund TESEP to ensure there is a better understanding of the Earth Sciences within schools and to encourage more students to develop an interest in Earth Science related careers. TESEP is constantly updating and improving and new developments will include

  • On-line interactive webinar delivery of PDs
  • Ongoing delivery of PDs in new locations across regional Australia
  • Development of national case studies to supplement existing textbooks
  • Development of field guides - simply-worded stop-by-stop descriptive guides for teachers and worksheet questions for various year levels
  • Purchase and distribution of quality teaching resources to participating teachers

TESEP partners are recognised for the value of either their dollar funding or their assistance in kind or the combination of both that they provide. Partnership benefits are scaled according to the level of support.


General funding of on-line conversion of all 8 themes to webinars and face-to-face Professional Development workshop and webinar presentations through 2012-2014 (where location-specific funding is not provided).

    A$35,000+ per year
    A$25,000+ per year
  • GOLD
    A$12,500+ per year
    A$7,500+ per year
    Up to A$7,500 per year

Location-specific Partner

Locations by negotiation
A$25,000 per year

Theme-specific Partner

Themes by negotiation
various funding levels as for general partners per year

Special Projects Partner

Projects by negotiation
projects and funding levels by negotiation per year

Documents for download

Partnership brochure

Partnership guide

You can also contact the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., for more information or to discuss your partnering proposal in more detail.