Sandfire Resources look to the future

TESEP has partnered with Sandfire Resources to provide teacher Professional Development and classroom incursions to schools in the Temora region of NSW for free.

Sandfire's Senior Sustainability Advisor, Josh Appelboom ,says:

Sandfire Resources has partnered with TESEP to roll out the Challenging Earth Series Program in Temora, NSW, where Sandfire has an established exploration presence. The program will support teachers to deliver earth science education through the provision of professional development training and classroom incursions.

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TESEP is also pleased to announce that the Sandfire partnership will not only see TESEP run classroom incursions for the first time but also heralds the etablishment of a TESEP incursions program to be rolled out as part of any teacher Professional Development delivery in all areas where TESEP operates.
Find out more about the new program here.


 TESEP Rock Kit and laminated Plate Tectonics poster
selling like hot cakes!

Rock kit v1

One of the best rock kits available for schools anywhere in the world has been assembled by a dedicated team of TESEP geoscientists.

Now you can purchase a set of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks that are all:

  • Guaranteed to be what we say they are.
  • Labelled with numbers with a list to ensure you always know which is which
  • Hold in your hand size so you can really see all the key features
  • Nicely boxed, one box  for each rock type (igneous, metamorphic, sedimentary)
  • Free from distracting secondary minerals and other features not relevant to yr8-9 students
  • Collected from reliable sources for ease of replacement if lost or damaged beyond use

In addtion the kit comes with:

  • Stories about each rock, where they come from, how they formed
  • Question and Answer materials to support student inquiry
  • Extension materials including:
    • Virtual 3D versions online
    • Virtual thin sections to see what they are like on the inside

VISIT THE HAINES WEBSITE to purchase these great resources.

Rock Kits: $285 (excl. GST), includes one free Rock Kit PD* in 2018 for one teacher (valued at $55)
plus access to our password protected online teaching pack and extension materials once a PD* is attended.

Haines Educational are selling the laminated Plate Tectonics poster for $30 (excl. GST) and these great  Rock Kits for us at the amazingly low price of $285 (excl. GST). Change the way you teach Earth Science today - Make sure you get the kit and access to the great support materials that go with them!

*PD can be a face-to-face event or an online webinar - see the Events listings for details of webinars or events in your area.

rock in hand



Rock Kit rocks are big enough to really see the minerals, the texture and other key features of the rock.





 You can really see exactly what needs to be seen when teaching about the rock.

 Each rock has been inspected to ensure it is what it should be and has no distracting secondary minerals or other features inconsistent with its classification!

The Teacher Earth Science Education Programme (TESEP) is designed to help you - a science teacher interested in improving your student's outcomes - make better use of your time teaching Earth and Space or senior Earth and Environmental Science in your classrooms through the provision of

  • Professional Development workshops - Book now!    
  • Updates to existing resources
  • New resources
  • Download published Case Studies here for free!
  • Ideas for field trips
  • Access to teachers experienced in this field

TESEP is constantly developing new material and the next round includes:

  • On-line interactive webinar delivery of PDs
  • Ongoing delivery of PDs in new locations across regional Australia
  • Development of national case studies to supplement existing textbooks: Click here to find out more.
  • Download published Case Studies here!
  • Development of field guides - simply-worded stop-by-stop descriptive guides for teachers and worksheet questions for  various year levels
  • Purchase and distribution of quality teaching resources to participating teachers

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Download partnering documents here:

Partnership brochure

Partnership guide



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