We are delivering new, unique, curriculum-linked resources for use in the classroom, the online classroom or the home-schooling environment.

TESEP recognises that both teachers and students need accurate, reliable information presented in a comprehensible manner while retaining the quality of the science behind the message. This is why our staff are both experienced teachers and qualified, experienced geoscientists.

Professional Development

There is no getting around it. To teach a topic well you need to be comfortable with your understanding of the subject matter.

We aim to provide teachers with the knowledge, insights and materials needed to be at ease with the subject matter.

Many teachers tell us they are not comfortable teaching Earth and Space because they have no tertiary training in that content or their course was too long ago to remember it. We understand this! We also understand the need for quality materials and only recommend resources we have evaluated.

Follow this link to discover how we can help through curriculum-linked online and face-to-face PD.

Student resources online

Online resources should be effective engagement tools to faciliate and enhance teaching and student learning, not a teacher substitute.

We aim to provide online resources that are unique, engaging and enhance learning.

TESEP online resources for students are designed to enhance and faciltiate student learning with teacher support an essentail part of the mix. They are also based on the most up-to-date science and are written by qualified teacher-geoscientists to ensure they are both accurate and comprehensible.

Follow this link to our interactive online student resources.


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