Australia-wide Webinars

All webinar times are given in Australian Eastern time (Standard time or Daylight Savings time depending on time of year) - SA, NT, QLD and WA will need to adjust for time zone differences accordingly.

NOTE for NSW teachers: TESEP partners with the Metropolitan South-West Science Teachers’ Association (LAZSTA) to provide accreditation in NSW. LAZSTA advises that the Association's courses can be delivered and count towards teacher maintenance of accreditation hours as Elective PD.  Under the NESA transition arrangements for teacher maintenance of accreditation, elective PD and Accredited PD counts equally for teachers completing their maintenance in 2021 and 2022. The 50 hours of NESA Registered/Accredited requirement has been lifted. These teachers who represent the largest cohort of teachers need only 100 hours of PD. These transition arrangements mean that no one is disadvantaged while the new processes are being developed and providers adjust courses and apply for accreditation under the new requirements.