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Energy and the Energy Transition 6 T2 2024

June 19, 2024 @ 4:30 PM

Energy and the Energy Transition webinar series

6. Large integrated energy projects – vision of the future

Utilising existing infrastructure and / or maximising the utility of new build infrastructure is key to lowering energy costs and accelerating the transition to renewables. In particular, the location of large scale renewable powergen facilities adjacent to existing electricity transmission networks provides an opportunity for the early retirement of high carbon emitting coal fired power. For large remote standalone projects, the focus is on scale (bigger the better) and production of green hydrogen and / or ammonia for export. Many challenges lay ahead but the concept of large-scale hubs providing low-cost energy for manufacturing, industry and / or the production of green hydrogen is enticing.


This webinar series covers the new Version 9.0 Australian Curriculum (Earth and Space Sciences), namely, AC9S9U03, AC9S9H03, AC9S9H04 (Year 9), AC9S10U04, AC9S10H02, AC9S10I08 (Year 10).

This webinar will take no more than 45-60 minutes of your time. Extra time for Q&A can follow as required.

All attendees will receive a certificate of attendance from the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA).