TESEP conference presentations

In addition to running day-long professional development workshops, TESEP also attends teacher and allied professional conferences where we run workshops and present information about TESEP to our peers in both the teacher and geoscientist realms.


TESEP is a program that sits within the operations of the Australian Science Teachers Association (ASTA). ASTA's annual national conference, CONASTA, is a natural venue for us to run short-course workshops and present information to the registrants in oral sessions and in trade booth spaces. Since its inception TESEP has attended CONASTA!


2017, Centre for Australian Studies - Uruguay

UNESCO's Regional Office of Science for Latin America and the Caribbean and the Centre for Australian Studies in Montevideo, Uruguay, invited Greg McNamara, TESEP's Executive Officer, to present a series of workshops aimed at raising the awareness of the Earth Sciences amongst teachers and the public in Uruguay. Greg also met with teachers, academics, UNESCO administrators and politicans in other settings to discuss geoscience education and outreach methods, including TESEP's approach to delivering Professional Development to teachers.


2012, 34th IGC - Brisbane

The International Geoscience Convention (IGC) is held every 4 four years. In 2012 the 34th IGC was in Brisbane and Greg McNamara, TESEP's Executive Officer, gave a keynote address to the Geoscience Education session. In addition to the keynote, Greg also presented a session on the achievements of TESEP up to that point.

  • Download the Keynote here.
  • Download the TESEP presentation here.