Field Trip to compliment Earth Science teaching: Geelong - Otways

Departs/return Kardinia International College, Geelong

July 05, 2017 @ 8:00 AM

The Otway Basin is a large, northwest trending basin along the southern Australian coast. It extends from east of Geelong in Victoria to Robe in South Australia. It consists of a series of superimposed sedimentary sequences, each deposited during different phases of the separation of Antarctica from Australia's southern margin.

On this field trip, teachers will learn about why the location is geologically significant. The cliffs at the locations to be visited display distinct igneous and sedimentary rock sequences formed under a different set of conditions approximately 40 and 20 million years ago

Stop 1: Soapy Rock
AngleseaSand, AngahookFormation
Stop 2: Airey’sInlet
AngahookFormation, Volcanics, Point Addis Limestone
Stop 3: Point Addis, East Side
AngleseaSand, AngahookFormation, Point Addis Limestone
Stop 4: Point Addis, West Side
Point Addis Limestone, Puebla Clay
Stop 5: Bird Rock
Jan JucMarl, Puebla Clay, CelleporaBeds

There will be a stop in Angelseafor lunch.

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